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At Sofitel Singapore City Centre, we are steadfast in our commitment to minimising our ecological footprint, and embracing practices that contribute to the well-being of the environment and local community. At the heart of our efforts is a dedicated drive towards sustainability and circularity, where we continually seek innovative ways to reduce waste and enhance resource efficiency. Beyond environmental considerations, we also take pride in preserving local cultures and traditions, contributing to the rich tapestry of the community in which we work and operate. By supporting our network of friends and neighbours, we aim to leave a positive and enduring impact on the local community.


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Around the Hotel

The building is designed with a water conservation aim of 35%, and this is evident in our three-step water management strategy. This includes the incorporation of high-efficiency fixtures and fittings, a dual pipe system that separates potable and non-potable water, and the harvesting of rainwater and air-conditioning condensate water. Our roof is adorned with solar panels, boasting an impressive energy efficiency rating between 11 and 15 percent, ensuring a substantial conversion of solar energy into usable electricity. Throughout the hotel, energy-saving practices continue with the implementation of LED light bulbs, water sensor taps contributing to water conservation, and the recycling of coffee capsules to eliminate unnecessary waste. In our ongoing efforts to eradicate single-use plastics, we have successfully removed them from all public areas, restaurants, and meeting spaces.


Guest Rooms

In our guest rooms, we have replaced single-use miniature toiletry products with larger-sized amenities to reduce plastic waste. We also offer filtered water as a sustainable alternative. Guests are encouraged to join in our eco-friendly endeavours. As a standard, we perform housekeeping in our guest rooms every other day, not only conserving resources but also encouraging our guests to embrace more sustainable habits during their stay.


Meetings & Events

We exclusively use Tetra Pak Water and BRITA Mind Carafe Filtered Water instead of disposable plastic bottles for all meetings and events at the hotel.


Kitchen & Bar

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is reflected in our menu choices where we showcase local, sustainable and seasonal ingredients by working with local farmers and suppliers. To address food waste, we utilise a food waste digester, breaking down organic matter into a liquid that can be responsibly disposed of through sewage systems while simultaneously producing nutrient-rich fertiliser.



Embracing the rich tapestry of local culture in Tanjong Pagar, we actively promote and showcase local businesses and cultural experiences to our guests, creating a symbiotic relationship that benefits both our community and visitors. We are proud participants in the WATCH (We Act Together for Children) program, contributing to the collective effort against the sexual exploitation of minors. Art finds its voice in the hotel through the featured art pieces by local artists, including the renowned William Sim and Yip Yew Chong, as well as emerging talents from the Autism Resource Centre. We consistently engage in meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, from fundraising initiatives for the Breast Cancer Foundation to organizing events that spread festive cheer to children from less privileged backgrounds.

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